Queensland designer Loz Abberton decamped to Tasmania in 2006 - "where a tangible sense of identity triumphed" - she concluded fundamental reasons to be, the significance of the disparate local environs plus an overwhelming creative community.

In this social and physical landscape a regard for domain is reflected in her work; that to create seems reasonable if it nudges viewers to reflect. Provoke feelings for the diminishing resources; or question the difference between necessity and redundancy when amassing stuff. Loz agrees that while she’s responsible for stuff, her efficient take on the chandelier - her flat-pack Grandeliers - draws on her rural background, environmental conscience and some conversations with her dad who lives on the land.

For example the Genies feature smooth organic curves and draw on modernist styling. But the story behind their design goes alot deeper; "Being on the land in Queensland my dad is also a handy water diviner – which sounds like dark arts, but works for him. We talk a lot about elements affecting fresh water and arable land (plus my shoe collection). Among other topics on our dancecard is dry land salinity and its management in particular. About 2.5 million hectares of land is affected by salinity and there’s "industrial-strength landcare" needed. The website that gives a good heads-up is saltland genie. So I created my Genies; adding some magic to reality - their sultry curves calling on those great water storage trees, the baobabs”.

Fusing form with aspects of art and craft draws on her graphic design and fashion background. While her respect for the environment influences the selection of future-friendly materials; locally sourced veneers from accredited and sustainably grown timber. Though, an occasional walk on the wild side sees products appearing in supernatural acrylics…while waiting for plant-based plastics (pla plastic) to become commercially available.



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