reggie mega cone

available : certified tasmanian oak, tasmanian blackwood, black dyed FSC eucalyptus, custom colours
style : pendant light
delivery : flat-pack or assembled
shown : black dyed FSC eucalyptus

pendant sizes : 600mm Height
380mm diameter (at base)
450mm diameter (at base) shown
520mm diameter (at base)
up to 1000mm diameter
includes : black or white electrical fittings

Reggie is dedicated to Tasmania's tallest growing tree, Eucalyptus Regnans, or good old Tassie Oak. Using this Chain of Custody certified timber as sheer yet strong veneers allows illuminated Reggie to show-off its geometric construction with chevrons of light. The smartest flat-pack light in our award-winning range Reggie's economical to ship yet simple to assemble tool-free. Options : fully assembled; custom colours and sizes.